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I’m a big fan of using multiple forms of media to engage the 2-4 year olds I’m teaching. We read and act out stories from books, we listen and dance to music, and we watch and learn from YouTube videos.  In my search for educational videos, I’ve found a lot of bad ones that just don’t have much value to them, but I’ve also found some really great ones.  So I’ve compiled this list for you of YouTube Channels we Love for Preschool at Home.

educational YouTube channels for Preschoolers

(And for those worried about too much screen time, each video clip we incorporate is only 2-3 minutes long on average. We only watch a few clips during each preschool session, sprinkled amidst our other hands-on learning activities.)


Super Simple Songs – This channel is my absolute favorite! There are lots of cute and catchy songs for different learning themes and holidays and seasons. Many of the videos are interactive inviting children to act them out right along with the animated characters. My favorite is this extensive color song that is so well designed and developmentally appropriate for preschoolers. The video gives children the opportunity to actually practice their colors with the video. I haven’t found a single video on this channel that I don’t adore.  

Sesame Street – I don’t think I need to say much about this channel. I’m sure you already know how awesome and diverse Sesame Street is. Their videos provide a great introduction for our letter of the week.

Kids TV – This is my go-to channel for phonics videos. There are also number songs and nursery rhyme videos as well.

Busy Beavers – I have a soft spot for the Busy Beaver videos because I’m pretty sure they taught my daughter her colors. The simple animation and repetition is just what helps kids learn.

Patty Shukla – Singer Patty Shukla creates interactive songs that get kids moving. Our favorite is Jump. These songs can be used for a wide range of ages. We use one or two of her videos at the start of our preschool sessions to help the kiddos get their wiggles out.

ABC Mouse – This channel has many, many animated learning videos. Children can enjoy the songs while practicing their colors, shapes and counting. They can watch videos that introduce them to letters of the alphabet. Or they can watch an animated version of popular stories such as some of Aesop’s fables.

Mother Goose Club – You might think by the title that this channel is designed to show videos of the tales from the Mother Goose book.  While you can certainly find those here, there are also many more topics to be found on this channel. Some are just fun songs, but there are many learning videos as well. Some of the videos are animated, and others are performed by kids in costumes. I like the diversity of the children and topics on this channel. One of our current favorites is Dinosaur Stomp that has fun and simple rhymes as well as easy movements that children can follow along to.


Little Baby Bum – great for toddlers and preschoolers. Most videos are nursery rhymes but there are also some great early learning ones that focus on counting and the alphabet.  They’re animated with adorable kids and animals. One of our favorites is this song, “No Monsters.” Just watch it and you’ll see why.

This post is focused on YouTube videos for Preschoolers, but many of these channels would be great for Kindergarteners and early Elementary students as well.

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