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Review of Pat the Bunny

This classic has been around for over sixty years, but if you and your little one haven’t yet discovered it, let me persuade you that you should. Our copy of Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt is quite tattered: a sign of much love and use.  I have to admit when we were first given the book (before Pookie was born) I didn’t yet see the brilliance of it, but now my daughter is two and this book has grown with her.  

We love it because the language is repetitive, the pictures are simple, and there is something to do on each page (look in a mirror, smell flowers, play peek-a-boo). These are all markers of a quality children’s book.

My daughter loves to go through it over and over again in one sitting, and the older she has gotten, the more interactive she’s become with the book. For us it has proven to be a great way to pass the time when we are traveling.  I deem Pat the Bunny a “must-have” for every young child’s personal library.

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