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safari tent at Glacier National Park
Is this you?

Caught in an idealized version of camping,

only to arrive at your campsite where reality sets in, 

and you have to deal with:

  • lugging gear half a mile from the parking lot to the campsite
  • or parking and sleeping right next to a bunch of perfect strangers who keep you up all night. 
  • mosquitos
  • stinky port-a-potty bathrooms
  • questionable shower facilities (if any) 
  • setting up your tent which takes an eternity and an engineering degree
  • discovering too late the tent is slightly sloped, and you feel like you’re sliding downhill all night.
  • rainstorms that flood your tent and soak your belongings
  • your air mattress partially deflating in the night, and you end up with a sharp rock jutting into your back.
  • almost freezing to death before the sun comes up

Sound familiar?

As a kid, this wasn’t such a big deal for me. But “suffering” through this as an adult… no thank you.

After a terrible camping trip which ended with me having to have a leach cut off my foot, I gave up camping for several years. 

But I missed it. At least the good parts of it. 

I missed getting back in touch with nature (Except the leaches). 

I missed hiking through the picturesque mountains, the smell of the pine trees, the smoky, gooey roasted marshmallows, getting a glimpse of wildlife you don’t see in the city, and the stars….oh the stars! 

…everyone should see the Milky Way at least once…to remind you of just how small we are. 
Milky Way Galaxy

I discovered a few years ago, that I didn’t have to give up on camping altogether. And neither do you. 

If you’re someone who hates camping, give glamping a try. 

What is glamping? 

Glamorous + Camping = Glamping

Basically, with glamping, you can get back in touch with nature without giving up basic hygiene and warmth. 

Traveling in an RV is one way to glamp.

If you don’t own one, you can rent one. This is a good option for getting out in nature, while remaining civilized. 

You can haul everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink. 

The downside is driving one of these monsters around and finding parking. You’re pretty much restricted to eating at Cracker Barrel while on the road. (I love me some Cracker Barrell -fried okra anyone? But I don’t want to eat it all day everyday while road tripping.) 

A better option is to stay at glamping sites. 


  • You don’t have to haul anything more than your overnight bag.
  • You don’t have to learn how to drive a behemoth. 
  • Your glamorous safari tent is already set up. 
  • Glamping sites are usually located a short drive from a restaurant, meaning no grocery shopping, no cooking, and no cleaning up! Woot woot!
  • Heated bathrooms with real showers and toilets
  • A professional builds the campfire (and maybe even provides the makings for s’mores)
  • A camp stove inside your tent keeps you warm all night
  • A real bed with a down comforter
  • Insanely glamorous photo ops of you and your safari tent (now I’ve got your attention) 

And when it’s time to leave, you just drive away.  No tearing down a camp site or packing up all the stuff you brought in the RV. 

So where are these gorgeous glamping sites? 

More and more are popping up all over. Just do an internet search for glamping near the location you want to visit. My family and I have had great experiences with the Under Canvas company. (No they’re not paying me to say this.) We’ve glamped at Yellowstone Under Canvas and Glacier Under Canvas in Montana. They were both memorable experiences for the whole family. The staff really know the area and provide you with maps and bear spray (yup). They know how to make a fire that lasts, they can point you to the best fishing and most scenic hikes, and they know where the best food options are within a short drive. 

For me, glamping is the best of both worlds…getting back to nature, but without the inconveniences. It’s a great way to travel with family.

So next time you feel like getting back in touch with nature, give Glamping a try.

But before you hit the road, make sure your vehicle is ready by using this free downloadable Road Trip Safety Checklist.
road trip safety checklist
And if you’re traveling with kids, keep them entertained (and off the devices) with this Camping Bingo card.
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safari tent in Glacier National Park

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