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My daughter just turned two! When I think about it, I’m amazed by how much she can already do. This isn’t JUST a shameless mom-bragging-about-her-baby post.  I somewhat recently came across a Montessori list of things that kids should be able to do at different ages.  As a trained teacher, I know all too well that every child grows and develops at a different pace.  But I also know that a child can’t learn something she isn’t taught.  There are some things on that Montessori list that my daughter can already do easy-peasy, and some things she’s just in the beginning stages of grasping.  There are other things that I wouldn’t have even thought about having her try to do independently.  And that got me thinking,

“Are there other things I can be working with my daughter on to help her continue to develop toward independence?” 

Bear with me as I take a moment to indulge in some bragging rights over my now-two-year-old. (After all, what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t talk up my daughter?) And then I’d like your input.


The Montessori chore list I referred to is broken up ages 2-3, 4-5, and so on.  I was pleased to see that Pooky could already perform everything on the 2-3 list except “fold washcloths”, “dust baseboards”, and “carry firewood” (never would have thought of that and it would rarely be necessary in this day and age).

IMG_2804       IMG_3090


IMG_5082      IMG_5090

I was also excited to see that my daughter could do some of the things on the 4-5 yr old list such as feeding the pets, sorting clean silverware, and wiping up spills. She can even do one thing from the 6-7 yr old list! “Changing toilet paper roll.” (To be fair, there’s no unscrewing involved; it’s just a matter of sliding the roll on or off.)

IMG_5358 IMG_5291

Pooky can also do some things that aren’t mentioned on the list such as using a dust pan and hand broom.  And she “cleans” the windows (with a baby wipe) after drawing on them with her window crayons.

The Montessori list has given me some ideas of things to work on next with my daughter such as making her bed, dusting, and helping to fix her snacks. (She’s already working on peeling her oranges and gets the jelly and her milk out of the fridge.)

But what else can she work on that I haven’t thought of?  I, of course, don’t want to push her beyond what she’s ready for, but she’s in the stage where she’s watching everything I do, and wants to help.  What does your toddler do that I can teach mine to do?


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5 thoughts on “What can YOUR toddler do?

  • Paige B.

    I love that list to. It’s always fun to see what your child can already do:) I laughed since my two have basically grown up on a farm so they mastered fire wood early, feed pets, collect eggs (when we had chickens, getting more soon) wiping up spills and dirt on floors (they live the dust buster vac) weed garden, collect and count ladybugs to put in the garden, look for and pick ripe veggis, prepare and eat snacks in their own (usually using all my ripe veggis:/) and fold tea towels and wipe rags (we use them for everything so they are always around). I giggle cause they’re not to keen on computers etc. But they will dig in the dirt all day. Farm living is the life for me!! P.s. love ur idea with the toilet paper rolls, we used coffee filters but yours us great, especially for beans and peas:)

    • Tiffiny Post author

      Yes, I suppose the list of accomplishments looks different for different environments. I’m hoping to work with Pooky on some of those gardening tasks you mentioned this spring. And we’re going camping this summer, so we’ll address firewood then. heehee BTW, your farm sounds like an ideal place to raise kids.

  • Clare

    Thanks for sharing the list – I’ve been looking for information on where my kiddos should be development wise so I can make sure I’m encouraging them to do things that are age appropriate. My 16 month old daughter loves to help me load and unload the washing machine, her brother loves to switch it off when I’m not looking!
    I’m hosting a party and wondered if you’d like to stop by and link this up – http://www.supermommyclub.com/super-mommy-club-week-2/