Wear out the Kids without Exhausting Yourself

Are your children home on break and getting bored? Are you running yourself ragged trying to keep them entertained?

Read on for suggestions on how to wear out your kids without exhausting yourself.

wear out the kids without exhausting yourself

Here you will find ideas for being out and about town, as well as right at home. You will also find some budget-friendly ideas.

Go to Camp!

A Kids Camp is probably the easiest way to wear out your kids without exhausting yourself. But if the traditional camps are just not in the budget, do some research in your local area for some less expensive camp-like options.

Consider Vacation Bible School (VBS) I know many families who put their children into these week-long half-day Bible camps at one church after another around town throughout the summer.

Check your local YMCA. Ours has set hours for free-play time in their kids gym for $2.

National Geographic Kids Club hosts free programs in certain malls across the country.  Check their link to see if yours is one.  (If not, check your local malls to see if they have any upcoming programs for kids.)

Our city does a free summer lunch and reading program called Reading Rocks in the local parks.  Maybe your city does something similar.

Go on an Outing!

As an alternative to dropping the kids off at a camp, go on an outing.

Just getting out of the house is exciting for little ones.  And even though getting the littles ready and out the door can be a chore for mom, the rest of the outing can actually be somewhat restful if it’s planned well. (Pack everything up the night before to help the process go more smoothly.) 

The simplest thing to do is head to the playground.  Be sure to pack sun protection, water, and snacks.  Coordinate with another family for maximum benefit. 

Or take turns hosting play dates at your and your friend’s house. Keep it simple. Let the kids play outside or in the bedroom while the moms enjoy some conversation and coffee. 

Go Somewhere New!

If you suspect the kids are getting bored with the park or their back yard, try a place with a little more novelty to help wear out the kids.

Trampoline parks sometimes have hours set aside just for young kids. 

Children’s museums are usually great places for kids of a variety of ages.

Wading pools and splash parks are tons of fun for little kids and much safer than a swimming pool.

Just Stay Home!

Maybe you don’t want to (or can’t) leave the house.  Below you’ll find great ways to get the kids to be active and burn off some of that excess energy right at home. 

Play active low-prep games.

  • The floor is lava
  • Hide and Seek
  • Marco Polo
Make an obstacle course.

This is a favorite with kids. It can be done inside or outside. Make it challenging by adding a timer or “the floor is lava.” We’ve incorporated these gross motor stepping stones from Amazon (affiliate link) to promote balance work.

Use a kids’ exercise video. My daughter loves these active videos we found on YouTube. She does the exercises right along with them. 

Active YouTube channels for kids

Or use some active toys like the ones we have. We recommend these Active Toys for kids.

Active Toys to wear out kids
There’s a host of active things kids can do indoors. I’ve listed some here
bored girl at home
Or try these outdoor games
outdoor games for small spaces

Hopefully after applying some of these ideas, you’ll find yourself with a little more energy and your kids with a little less.  Don’t forget to share this with other moms who need some rest. Thank you.

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