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Are you shopping for a kid between the age of 3-10? I’ll make your life easier. I’ve already done the hard work of talking with lots of moms about which toys have staying power.

Meaning, which toys get played with every time they’re pulled out of the toy box even years later when the newness has long since worn off?

a list of toys with staying power


So what kinds of toys are toys with staying power? Usually it’s toys that can be played with in more than one way. Toys that let the imagination take over.

I asked other moms to weigh in on what toys they see standing the test of time at their house. I noticed a lot of similarities. Many of the same kinds of toys were mentioned repeatedly.

So I’m sharing with you our list of toys with staying power in hopes it helps if you’re shopping for a kiddo or so you can pass this list on to people who are asking what they should get your kiddo(s) as gifts.

Keep reading to find out which toy was recommended most by moms.

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Artistic Toys

Art Supplies: We started with only washable paints, but our cabinet of supplies has filled with much more over the years. I pieced together our own supplies, but I’m linking to this set to get your little artist off to a good start.


Xylophone: Just admit it, even YOU want to play with the xylophone. It NEVER gets old. Ok, after the kiddo has been banging on it for a while, it gets old to the parent, but not for the kid. Just when I thought we were done with our xylophone, I realized how helpful it is to practice some musical concepts (such as solfage) to help us with piano practice.


Dress Up Clothes: In our house, capes and fairy wings and wands continue to get lots of play time.

Outdoor Toys

Sidewalk chalk: For outdoor fun, this just never gets old for little kids and for older ones too. We try to add new accessories to our collection whenever we see them.  These stencils provide a great jumping off point for the imagination.


Bubbles They just never get old! They’re fun for kids of all ages. Even adults really (as long as you’re not the one blowing them the whole time). For that idea alone, a bubble machine is worth it.

Scooter:  We’ve had this scooter for three years. It gets ridden a lot and is still in very good condition. It’s adjustable so it can grow with the child.


EzyRoller:  We’re going to add another pair of wheels to the backyard in the form of this EzyRoller. I’ll be ordering one for Pooky for Christmas. I can’t yet vouch for it personally, but it has been recommended by other moms and has a 5 star rating on Amazon. It’s definitely an investment, but I believe it will provide years of entertainment and exercise since it’s recommended for ages 4-14 (up to 150 pounds). There is a mini version as well recommended for 2-5 year olds.



Blocks: We have so many different kinds of blocks, it’s kind of silly. But they are all fun in different ways.

Legos: We do have some of the kits, but a big bucket of bricks allows for great imaginative play.


Tegu Blocks: Yes, these magnetic wooden blocks are  definitely an investment. But they are a quality built toy. We’ve had ours for three years and the paint hasn’t worn off and the wood hasn’t chipped at all. They still look brand new even though they’ve seen lots of play time by lots of little hands over the years. Because they’re magnetic, they provide great entertainment in the grocery cart, and they’re great for travel too. I’m so excited that they make a set for babies now.


Foam blocks:  These large foam blocks provide fun for kids in a variety of ages. I like this set in particular because the pieces are larger than those in most other sets so it doesn’t have any choking hazards. They are soft, which means when they come tumbling down, no one gets hurt and they’re practically noiseless.  

Crazy Fort: If your kid likes making blanket forts (and who doesn’t), then they’ll love this as much as Pooky does. We’ve had the Crazy Fort for three years now, and we’ve had lots of fun with it. We made a castle as added fun for her Princess birthday party one year. We’ve made lots of blanket forts with it. Currently, Pooky’s favorite thing to do is put dark sheets over it and call it her tiger cave. Originally we had to help her assemble it, but now she can do it independently.


Magnatiles: Yes they’re pricey, but we’ve had ours for 4 years and counting. They’ve provided a ton of entertainment for lots of littles in our lives ages 2 and up. (Although their recommended age is 3+) This is the No. 1 Toy with Staying Power recommended by every mom I talked to in preparation for making this list.


Other Toys

Indoor trampoline:  Pooky (and her friends and cousins) can not get enough of the indoor trampoline. It’s such a great way to burn off energy when you’re stuck indoors.


Board Games and Puzzles: There’s something about sitting around a table together with snacks and family that draws kids in. Here I’m including a couple of Pooky’s favorite games that she’s always excited to play.



Stuffed Animals:  Pooky never gets tired of these, and from what I hear, that’s true for so many kids in this age range.



Tablet: If I’m being honest, this list of toys with staying power wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include a tablet. I love this Fire Kindle Kids edition. It’s so durable. Ours has seen years of use.

I think you’ll see that most of the items on this list have one thing in common. There’s more than one way to play with them. In fact, there are pretty much endless ways to play. The only limit is the imagination. So use that as your guiding principal when shopping for toys with staying power.

Do you know of another toy with staying power that isn’t on this list? Please mention it in the comments, I’m sure other readers would appreciate the suggestion.


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 a list of toys with staying power

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