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I don’t know about you, but we have accumulated quite a collection of fruit puree pouch caps over the last few years. They’re fun to play and learn with. Recently, we used the plastic caps to thread a rainbow and it became a busy bag activity that I think other toddlers and preschoolers would enjoy.

plastic caps rainbow busy bag


If you collect these caps, then this activity should be quick and easy to put together.

Supplies you’ll need:

Plastic caps (or beads) in the colors of the rainbow (10-12 of each color)

Fuzzy sticks (one for each color of the rainbow)

Colored construction paper (one piece for each color of the rainbow)

Large resealable plastic bag (if making this a busy bag activity)

thread a rainbow with caps

Once all your supplies are assembled, the activity can begin. The first step is for the child to sort the different colored caps onto the matching pieces of construction paper. (We used half a sheet for each color.)

Thread a rainbow with caps

Once all the caps are sorted by color, the child is ready for the fuzzy sticks.

rainbow busy bag

Be sure to twist up one end of each fuzzy stick so the caps won’t fall off as new ones are being threaded on.

thread a rainbow with caps

 The next step is for the child to thread the plastic caps onto their matching fuzzy stick, and then twist up the end of the stick so the caps don’t fall off. All that’s left after that, is to line them up with the colors in the order of the rainbow.

thread a rainbow with plastic caps

And voilá! You’ve made a plastic cap rainbow!

thread a rainbow with plastic caps

Note: To make a rainbow where the top colors arc over the bottom colors, you would need to use longer fuzzy sticks (two tied together). I decided not to do that because I was afraid my daughter would lose interest in the activity if she had to thread that many caps of one color.

For other rainbow kids crafts, follow my Rainbow Study board on Pinterest.

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