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counting fun with Dr. Seuss

I’ve recently begun homeschool preschool lessons with Pooky.  Our first unit was “A is for Apple.”  You can see more of these theme activities here and here. One of our favorite books that we used with this theme was Ten Apples up on Top by Dr. Seuss.

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This is kind of a long book for Pooky to sit through, so I decided to bring it to life, so to speak. My hope was that it would keep her attention longer as well as give us a fun way to work on her counting skills.

Thanks to Pinterest, I came across this great diy tutorial for creating a quick and inexpensive felt board and knew that was what I wanted to use to make this book even more engaging. I put together a felt board almost as quickly as the tutorial suggests.

I also found these printables of characters from the book which Pooky helped to color.     (I consider coloring to be a pre-writing exercise since it helps Pook practice her pencil grip.)

ten apples

Next I cut the colored characters out and we took them and the book to the felt board along with some felt “apples” I cut out.

apples on top

I read the first page and demonstrated how to use the cut outs to mimic the story.  Then Pooky took over adding to our felt board after I read each page.


We continued through the book using this method of me reading and Pooky adding to the felt board.


This hands-on activity helped Pooky stay focused throughout the whole story.


And it gave us a LOT of counting practice!

We even counted the “apples” as we picked them up off the board to put them away.


I left the Ten Apples Up On Top activity out for a few days and would occasionally catch Pooky playing with it on her own trying to count.  Love that!

You can see more apple theme tot school/preschool activities by following my Apple Theme board on Pinterest. There are also some great children’s book ideas on my Storybook Activities board.

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