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We are big fans of sensory bins in this house! See why we use them here. There are so many things you can use to fill a sensory bin.  We’ve tried many out, and have enjoyed some more than others. I decided to make a list of the sensory bin fillers we love. (My daughter has enjoyed each of these as a toddler and as a preschooler.)

sensory bin fillers

RICE – you can get fancy and color it, but I never do. 

rice sensory bin


bird seed – It feels so good to run your hands through. 


bird seed sensory bin

BUTTONS – provide lots of sensory fun from their sound, to their bright colors, and their smooth plastic feel.

buttons sensory bin

pom poms – This turns into a very active messy play time, but they’re quick to pick up. 

pom pom sensory bin


WATER (sensory sink) – provides almost endless variations and tons of fun.

sensory sink


POTTING SOIL – Make sure it’s organic.

potting soil sensory bin


WATER BEADS – require a little advance planning to “grow” them, but they last forever.

water beads sensory bin


DRIED OATS – possibly my favorite for itty bitty kids – safe to eat! 

dried oats sensory bin

BEADS – lots of sensory input going on with these ones.

beads sensory bin

CORN/BEANS – so much fun

corn and beans sensory bin

SAND – it’s messy but fun, so we keep it outdoors. The Sands Alive can just be vacuumed up though.

sand sensory bin


(I wouldn’t have thought of this if it hadn’t been for the Guinness Storehouse we toured in Dublin.)

barley sensory bin

The options for sensory bin fillers are almost endless.  Just use your imagination…or follow my Sensory Exploration board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Be sure to pin the image at the top of this post, so you can come back to this list any time you need to entertain the littles.

You may also like Sensory Bins that don’t require Clean-up.

outdoor sensory bins

Or Why we use Sensory Bins

why use sensory bins

What kinds of sensory bins do your kiddos like to play with? Let me know in the comments.



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4 thoughts on “Sensory Bin Fillers we Love

  • BEth

    I would love to put some of these together for my 2 year old but he’s a thrower. He throws EVERYTHING. I’m terrified to see what he would do with some of this stuff. LOL It would be so much fun for him though! Great post!

    • Tiffiny Post author

      I totally get that. We had to work a lot in the beginning about keeping the stuff in the bin or at least on the plastic tablecloth I always spread out under the bin. As soon as Pooky started throwing the stuff, I would take it away. And then we’d try again a little later. You’d be surprised how quick they pick up the rules for the sensory bin. In the meantime, you might want to stick to the outdoor ones. No need to clean that up! Yay! Thanks for stopping by.

    • Tiffiny Post author

      Yay! They’re so fun. He’ll love it. You can find really big buttons to start with if you’re still concerned about him putting them in his mouth. Thanks for stopping by.