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pumpkin counting printable

We recently took Pooky to the pumpkin patch at “The Farm” just outside the city.

It was such a good outdoor experience, even though the weather wasn’t perfect.


It’s a real pumpkin patch at the end of the corn fields.


In addition to picking pumpkins, there are many other things for kids to do including:

a corn maze (we, unfortunately, went on a very windy and dusty day)


a play area for littles


a hay ride (which we didn’t go on, this is just us on a haystack)


and a petting zoo

farm gate

Despite the wind and the dust, we enjoyed our time at The Farm.

It was a lot of fun, and it had a lot of educational value.

I hope you can find a pumpkin patch near you to take the littles to.

Our trip to the pumpkin patch inspired me to make a counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

You can download the free printable by clicking the link below.

Pumpkin Patch Counting 1-10

At the end of this post, you’ll find a version for counting to 20.

pumpkin patch counting printable

Here is how we played with it.


First, we counted the numbers along the pumpkin vine.

Next, I gave Pooky a bowl of candy corn pumpkins (she doesn’t know they’re candy), and she placed one in each circle, counting them as she went.

(You can use pom poms, bottle caps, or any other small counter you have available.)


Then I had her count the row of pumpkins for me.

(It was her idea to lift each pumpkin and use the printed number below for help.)

We repeated these steps with the second row.


Finally, I asked Pooky to return the pumpkins to the bowl one by one.

I asked her to count as she took each one off.


I think she enjoyed this activity, and it gave her a lot of practice counting to 10.

Extend the Activity

Have the child take the pumpkins off starting with 10 and count backward.

Also, you can print the version below that counts to 20.

Pumpkin Patch Counting1-20

If you and your littles enjoy playing with pumpkins, you might check out my list of Fun and Educational Things to do with Mini Pumpkins, as well as see why we love Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin.

You can find other fun fall ideas by following my Fall Activities Board on Pinterest. Enjoy!

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