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As you may have seen from my other posts, I’m doing preschool at home with Pooky.  The one thing that makes our sessions the most successful is my advanced planning. I am not using one set curriculum, instead, I’m pulling ideas and activities from a variety of print and online resources.

I learned during my years of teaching that the best way to have consistency and corral all my ideas, is to have a standard form where I can just fill in the boxes. I’ve used a few different versions, but I want to share my most recent and favorite version with you here in hopes that you will find it helpful in working with your little ones.

Preschool at home lesson plans

We do preschool at home three days a week, so I use one of these sheets each week. The subtitles on the table above remind me to include a variety of skills in each main category.

Here’s how I plan.

First, I outline the order of the themes I want to cover for the upcoming months. (I’ve chosen to do a letter of the week that we can tie into the seasons of the year allowing Pooky to relate more directly to the themes.)

Then I find (or create) lesson ideas and activities that relate to those themes while introducing or reinforcing concepts and skills my 3 year old is ready to learn.

I begin plugging these activities into this lesson plan a few weeks at a time. (I write in pencil so I can make changes as we go.)

Then I implement these activities according to our preschool routine.

If you think this format will work for you, feel free to download the printable PDF below.

Spark and Pook Preschool Plans

preschool lesson plan

I hope these help you have a successful preschool year with your little ones. Be sure to share with others you know who are teaching preschool.

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