make traveling with kids enjoyable

Make Traveling with Kids Enjoyable, Do This One Thing

Traveling in general can be an ordeal.  Add kids to the mix and it can become a huge headache. But there is a way to make it better, and even enjoyable. It’s all about your perspective. Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash One of the biggest problems parents face when traveling with kids […]

Blueberries for Sal counting game

Blueberries for Sal Counting Game

Have you ever picked your own blueberries? I think it’s one of the best experiences for kids. They get to see where berries come from. They get some fresh air and time with nature, and there’s even a snack provided! We no longer live in a place with access to […]

free family fun in chicago

Free Family Fun in Chicago

Chicago is one of the most exciting cities in the United States.  It is a lot of fun to visit, but it can be expensive too. To lessen the cost of your next visit, Pooky and I have come up with a list of suggestions for some Free Family Fun […]

how to wear out the kids

Wear out the Kids without Exhausting Yourself

Are your children home on break and getting bored? Are you running yourself ragged trying to keep them entertained? Read on for suggestions on how to wear out your kids without exhausting yourself. Here you will find ideas for being out and about town, as well as for right at […]

How to Stay Sane when you’re Home With Kids 1

Are you about to lose your sanity because you’re home with kids all day? Whether it’s due to being a Stay-at-home-mom, Work-at-home-mom, or because the kids are home on school vacation, being home with the kids all day can be trying for parents.  I’ve put together a list of ideas […]

Active Toys that will Wear out the Kids 2

Sometimes the kids just have too much energy, ok, most of the time, really.  So what do you do? Well, my daughter and I have discovered that there are a lot of great active toys out there that will help wear out the kids without the adults having to do very […]

active YouTube channels for kids

Help Kids Burn off Steam with these Active YouTube Channels 5

Sometimes, due to illness or inclement weather, you find yourselves stuck indoors.  As all moms know, this is never a good thing. It leads to pent up kids with too much energy.  While I recommend limited time on electronic devices for kids, this is one instance when those devices can […]

kid lit blog hop

Kid Lit Blog Hop May 2017

  Hello, welcome back to another month of terrific children’s literature. We welcome you to the May 2017 Kid Lit Blog Hop. This hop takes place every 3rd Wednesday of the month. It is designed to engage a  group of people who love everything that has to do with children’s […]

outdoor sensory bins

Outdoor Sensory Bins that don’t need Clean Up 3

These sensory bins are a great way to entertain children outdoors, and they don’t require any clean-up! I’m a big believer in independent and imaginative play, but sometimes kids need a little guidance to get started.  Sensory bins are great for that. These particular ones are meant to be played […]

Kid Lit Blog Hop

Kid Lit Blog Hop March 2017

Welcome back to the Kid Lit Blog Hop! We’re excited you’re here. HAPPY SPRING! We welcome you to the March 2017 Kid Lit Blog Hop. Apologies for missing last month’s blog hop but life sometimes gets in the way. This hop takes place every 3rd Wednesday of the month. It […]