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Family Packing checklists

Earlier I wrote a post on the misadventures we had on a recent trip.  Some of these problems could have been avoided if I’d had (and used) a packing checklist.  I finally sat down and wrote out two comprehensive lists; one for me, and one for my daughter.  I have since used these checklists to help prepare for several other trips. They make the process of packing go so much smoother and it takes far less time.

It was well worth the effort of making these checklists. I haven’t forgotten anything important since I’ve made them.

If you want to see what’s on our lists, just click the links below.  They should open up as a PDF.  Use them as a framework for creating your own packing lists. You’ll be glad you did.


Packing list for Kids

My Packing List


Bon Voyage!

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