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check out the library

Pooky and I are super stoked about our town’s new public library! It is so modern, chic, and whimsical all in one. Don’t get me wrong, I know we shouldn’t “judge a book by its cover.”  We were certainly not strangers to the old library, but I have to admit, it felt a bit depressing going in there.  And the elevators were scary too.  We pretty much only went to story time and then got the books or movies we were after and got out of there! No lingering.

But now I look forward to going to this wide open, well-lit space, and my daughter doesn’t want to leave!

I can’t blame her.  The “story tower” is super cool. Outside of the story tower, there is a large play center with all kinds of fun and educational activities that keep Pook entertained for a very long time.  I have to drag her away from there only to be stopped next at the water pool where we have to make a wish and throw a coin in before we can move on to my favorite part (other than the books), the cafe! A cafe in the library?! (Cue angels singing down from heaven.)

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check out your local library

  • Aside from discovering a “new” book to enjoy, there are many other reasons to make use of your local library.  (P.S. did you know you can check out ebooks for your kiddos as well as yourself?)
  • Story/craft time at the library is lots of fun for the kids. (Did you know that most libraries even have a story time session for babies? Ours is called Babies and Books.)
  • Libraries often hold free public seminars on a variety of topics from finances to historical presentations.
check out your library

Author signing with Mr. Berenstain

  • Authors frequently choose libraries as locations for readings and signings of newly released books.
  • The archives in libraries often hold amazing artifacts.


check out your library

This is my Grandad just outside of the Geneology Room

I think a good library is essential to keeping the feel of a tight-knit community – no matter how large the city you live in.  If you haven’t been to your public library lately, I encourage you to go check it out (sorry, I can’t help the puns.) You never know what treasures you may find! What do you like about your local library?


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