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I started preschool at home with Pooky last year, and we’re doing it again this year along with some friends. Here is the routine we have found successful for us. (Notice I said “routine” and not “schedule.” We don’t follow a rigid time structure, we just go with the flow, but each morning that we do preschool follows a similar pattern.)

Free Play

After our breakfast and morning chores we head downstairs to our “classroom” and Pooky has time for free play. This is usually play time with educational games, blocks, magnetic letters/numbers, puzzles, books, etc… I use this time to make sure I have everything set up and ready to go for our morning activities. (I do all the real prepping the night before.)

Circle Time

I hesitate to call this circle time because if you’re only homeschooling one kiddo, you can’t make a circle. But most people are familiar with that term, so I’ll stick with it. We use this time to go over the day’s weather, calendar, we go through the alphabet and count 1-10 together.  I also do a quick preview of our theme and activities for the day (morning).

 Letter of the Week

We do a couple of hands-on activities (playdoh mats, dot painting, etc…) to provide exposure to the letter we’re currently studying. Check out my Letter Study board on Pinterest for ideas.

Read Aloud/Snack Time

I’ve always found it helpful to provide snack while reading to children. It keeps them sitting still and quiet (for the most part) allowing us to get more out of the book(s) we read together. I read two or three picture books related to our theme. Check out my Storybook Activities board on Pinterest for ideas.

Math Time

We use this time to work on math concepts. I always do one counting activity along with one other mathematical concept such as sorting, shapes, sequencing, and patterning. We use printables and manipulatives (legos, counting bears, pom poms, buttons, etc…) for these activities. Check out my Counting Activities board on Pinterest for ideas.

 Art Time

For me, “art time” encompasses a variety of arts (music, dance, crafts,etc…) We might do a very simple craft related to our story or theme. Or we might put on some music (classical, folk, or kid friendly) and dance with scarves or sing songs with hand motions. We also play versions of musical chairs that tie into an educational concept. The educational value here includes things such as fine motor and gross motor skills. It is usually also the way we learn about colors. Check out my Art Activities for Kids board on Pinterest for more ideas.

Again, this is the preschool routine that works for us.  Yours may look similar or very different.  Be sure to think about your own family’s style when creating your routine and remember that you can adapt it at any time to fit your needs. For more preschool ideas, check out my Preschool at Home board on Pinterest.

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