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Around here, we start playing with plastic eggs well before Easter arrives, and we keep having fun with them long after Easter has passed.   One way we’ve been playing with them lately is in the form of nesting eggs.

nesting eggs busy bag

For Christmas, my three-year-old received a toy set of wooden nesting dolls in the shapes of animals (cat, dog, etc…) I thought that toy would be much too difficult for her to enjoy, but I was wrong.  While it took a lot of concentration on her part, she was able to take apart and fit back together the “dolls.” She loves this toy and plays with it repeatedly.  (I’m including an affiliate link to it in case you’re interested.)


I came across an Easter version of the nesting dolls using a bunny, chick, sheep, etc… I had ordered it with the intention of putting it in her Easter basket as a surprise.  Unfortunately, she discovered it before I could hide it away. (I had opened it to inspect it…high quality construction by the way.) And she’s been playing with it as well. (Here’s the affiliate link for it.)

While going through our Easter decorations, I realized I could create the same kind of game for her using our plastic eggs. So here you have our Nesting Eggs Busy Bag!

If you have preschool age kids or older, I’m betting you’ve accumulated enough plastic eggs by now to quickly throw this busy bag together without having to go buy anything.

nesting eggs busy bag

I decided to start the busy bag with the eggs already nesting so my daughter could just work on opening and separating them.

The last egg is just a foam egg decoration. You could use a foil wrapped chocolate egg for added fun.

nesting eggs busy bag

Once all the eggs are separated, the next challenge is to see if the child can correctly nest them back together. This sounds super simple to us adults, but it takes a great deal of problem solving and fine motor skills for the little ones to accomplish it.

nesting eggs busy bag

The next time you present this busy bag to the child you could start with the eggs all separated and instruct the child to make them nest.

Here are a couple ways you could make it a bit more challenging.

  • Use eggs that are all the same color so the child can only use their size to match them and not their color.
  • Add extra mismatched egg pieces into the bag that won’t nest. (Let the child know there are some pieces they won’t use.)
  • Give the child several eggs and have him/her make as many nesting sets as possible.

I’m a hug fan of helping my daughter learn through play. There are multiple skills this busy bag develops like:

  • matching
  • ordering
  • fine motor

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