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Recently, I shared some apple theme activities we did in our first week of homeschool preschool. I had so many ideas (thanks to Pinterest) for this theme, that we spent two more weeks doing apple activities.

pre k apple activities

This is the Apple theme unit study I planned out after researching the web and local library.

pre k apple unit

And in case you’re interested, this is our current preschool routine.

And now for some more of our apple learning activities.

“Bobbing” for Apples

apple water table Collage

Our sensory bin for this unit was “bobbing for apples” in our wagon “water table.” This is great outdoor activity that provides plenty of opportunity to practice motor skills such as scooping and pouring.  Plus it’s just plain fun!

Letter “A” Hunt

letter a huntI created this “letter A hunt” for Pooky by putting a mixture of magnetic letters on a cookie sheet.  She had to find all the a’s and put them in the bowl. I didn’t want to overwhelm her, so I kept the number of letters to a minimum.

Apple Patterning

apple pattern

 I set up a patterning activity with these apple erasers I got from the Target $1 bin.

We haven’t had much success with patterns previously, so I wasn’t sure how it would go.

apple patterningPook surprised me by understanding quickly that she was supposed to copy my pattern while filling in the second row of the egg carton.  We repeated this activity several times.

 Seed Counting

appleseed Collage

Another math activity we did involved this printable from  It is intended to be used as an addition worksheet, but I altered it for our purposes. I wrote a numeral on one side and drew the corresponding number of seed-shape dots on the other side of each apple. Then I showed Pooky how to use the cotton swab to apply glue to the dots and then place the seeds on the glue.  This gave us several opportunities to practice counting. She loved this activity so much that she keeps bringing me random papers and asking to “glue paper.”

“Apple Picking” by number


The math continued outside with this paper “apple picking” activity. I called off the numbers in order from 1-10 waiting for Pooky to find each correct apple before moving to the next number.  This was a great number identification and sequencing activity.


Apple shapes puzzle

I created a puzzle for Pooky by cutting out foam shapes that could be put together to make an apple.

apple puzzle Collage

Pooky enjoys this activity so much she asks to play with it outside of our “school” time.

Apple Art

We also did some art stamping Collage

apple stamping and a “stained glass” apple using contact paper

apple stained glass Collage

Apple Books

The storybook activity we did with Ten Apples Up on Top by Dr. Seuss provided a lot of counting fun.

counting activity with Dr. Seuss book

For more fun learning activities with this theme, follow my Apple Preschool Theme board on Pinterest.

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