Make Ten: Winter Hat Addition

My preschooler has begun working on basic addition skills, so I created this winter hat activity as a way for her to practice adding up to ten. If you are working with a young child on basic addition, they may enjoy this “Make Ten: Winter Hat Addition” activity.

It’s simple to set up.  You only need a few supplies, and you can modify it in a variety of ways.

practice adding to ten

The supplies we used for the Winter Hat Addition activity include:

  • Winter Hat printable (see link at the end of the post)
  • Make Ten printable (see link at the end of the post)
  • Pom-poms (or some sort of counting objects) 11 each of two different colors along with containers to sort them into
  • sheet protector (optional)
  • dry-erase marker (optional)

Activity Set-up:

  • Place the Make Ten printable inside a sheet protector (so it will be reusable)
  • Sort 20 of the pom-poms (or other counters) into two groups. (I used paper bowls to contain them.)
  • Place one of the remaining pom-poms above the first column of numbers on the Make Ten printable and a pom-pom of the other color above the column of blank rectangles on the printable. (Each color represents one of the addends used to make ten.)
  • Place a dry-erase marker and eraser (or baby wipe) with the Make Ten printable.

adding up to ten winter activity

Make Ten Activity:

  1. Use the number in the first column to determine how many pom-poms of the coordinating color (in our case blue) should be placed on the hat.
  2. Place that many pom-poms on the hat (one in each circle).
  3. Fill the remaining empty circles on the hat with the pom-poms of the other color (yellow for us).
  4. Count how many pom-poms of the second color were placed on the hat, and write that number in the second column of the Make Ten printable in order to complete the equation.
  5. Return the pom-poms to their respective piles.
  6. Continue with the next equation.
  7. Discuss the activity with your child as they progress through it.  (My child was amazed to discover that 5 +5 =10.)

Modify the Activity:

  • If you don’t want to explore the concept of zero in this activity, simply cut off the top equation strip as well as the bottom equation strip from the Make Ten Printable.
  • Instead of having your child write the numerals into the equation, print a second copy of the Make Ten page and cut apart the numbers from the first column. Then your child can simply place them into the appropriate spot in the second column in order to complete the equation. Alternatively, place the printable on a magnetic cookie sheet, and have your child use magnetic numbers to complete the equation.

Activity Printables: 

These printables (below) are free for you to use in an individual or classroom setting.

Please pin the image below.

winter hat addition free printable


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Make Ten: Winter Hat Printables

Click the links below to print the pages for the Make Ten: Winter Hat Activity

Winter Hat Addition

Make Ten Printable



Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by.



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