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There are many different philosophies on how to introduce the alphabet to preschoolers. Some say start with the letters of your child’s name (which works if you’re only teaching one child). Some say go in alphabetical order, Some say introduce the letters that we use most frequently first. Some even suggest using lowercase letters first since that’s what the child sees more examples of in print. All of these ideas have good reasoning behind them.  Choose a method that will work with you and the children you’re teaching, and start having fun with it.

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I strongly believe that if you’re doing a letter of the week, it should be taught alongside the alphabet in its entirety. So while we may focus on a letter theme for the week, we also do lots of songs and activities that reinforce the whole alphabet during that same week, each and every week, all through the school year.

I choose to work with Pooky with a letter of the week that relates to something in the season we’re currently going through. I feel she is able to really relate to the theme this way. (This means we are not working with the letters in alphabetical order.)

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The important thing is to be consistent and be sure to make it through all the letters of the alphabet…which can be tricky.  That’s why I want to share the A-Z letter of the week plan that I and a couple other homeschooling mamas have come up with for our preschoolers. Keep in mind, we’re starting this in the fall in North America and working through the seasons of the school year.  (Although, not every letter ties directly to a season.)

Here are the themes we’ve decided to use with each letter.

A is for Apple

K is for Kite

N is for Nut

P is for Pumpkin

Z is for Zoo

L is for Leaves

S is for Spider

V is for Violin

F is for Farm

T is for Turkey

G is for Gorilla/Giraffe

O is for Owl

J is for Jesus

M is for Mitten

Q is for Quilt

I is for Ice

B is for Bear

D is for Dinosaur

H is for Hearts

X is for X-ray

Y is for Yo-yo

U is for Umbrella

R is for Rainbow

C is for Clover

E is for Eggs

W is for Watermelon

With this plan, we should be done with the entire alphabet just after Easter, giving us ample time to go back and review.

I plan to use this post as a landing page to link activities to for each theme.  You may want to bookmark or pin this page in order to come back to it periodically for more ideas.

If you’re curious about how we’re doing preschool at home, you can check out the links below to see our routine and how I plan my lessons.

Homeschool Preschool Routine


preschool lesson plan

You might also be interested in following my Letter Study board on Pinterest for more great ideas from the awesome bloggers I follow. Be sure to share this with others you think may find it useful. 

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