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Sometimes, due to illness or inclement weather, you find yourselves stuck indoors.  As all moms know, this is never a good thing. It leads to pent up kids with too much energy.  While I recommend limited time on electronic devices for kids, this is one instance when those devices can really come in handy. Use them to play active videos from these suggested YouTube channels for some no-prep kids activities to help your young kids burn off steam.

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Active YouTube channels for kids

And after you check out the YouTube channels I’m listing below, don’t forget to come back here to get more ideas on keeping kids active when you’re stuck indoors.

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And now the list you’ve been waiting for. Active YouTube Channels to help your kids burn off steam.

My absolute favorite is Patty Shukla’s YouTube channel full of children’s songs that get kids moving. When I taught preschool at home with a group of kids, we would start each session with one of these songs to help the kids burn off some of their excess energy. Just listen to this one song (all the way through) and you’ll be hooked.


One of my daughter’s absolute favorites is Bo on the Go! In this series, Bo goes on adventures powered by the movements of her viewers. She asks them to do certain movements that give her full “Bo Power!”



Another good YouTube Channel that gets the kids moving is The Learning Station.

Our favorite video by them is “Shake Your Sillies Out.”  We also like “A Ram Sam Sam” for it’s hand movements that are simple enough for a preschooler to follow along.


Cosmic Kids Yoga is another YouTube Channel that gets kids moving. In this series the yoga instructor leads children through simple yoga poses while retelling a popular children’s story. My daughter asks to watch episode after episode while doing the yoga moves along with the video.

So next time you and the kiddos are feeling cooped up, pull up one of these YouTube channels and get moving!


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