Kidloland App Review and Giveaway

kidloland app review and giveaway

A new learning app for toddlers and preschoolers was recently brought to my attention.  My 4 year old daughter has been having so much fun with Kidloland, she wants to play it all the time.  As a teacher, I love that she’s learning so much from this app. As a parent, I love that she’s having fun with it. A win win!

The app, Kidloland: Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games and Songs was created by Internet Design Zone and is intended for ages 5 and under.  My 4 year old is loving it.

kidlo app giveaway

My daughter loves the games, songs, and fables.

The app has a variety of things to do at different levels of difficulty making it perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Very young kids can listen to a story or song. Toddlers will also have fun with the “tapping time” games. And preschoolers will enjoy these as well as the games that ask them to drag items across the screen.

Some of the educational topics covered in the app include identifying and matching shapes and colors, counting, and naming and sounding out letters.  While kids are learning these things, they’re also getting good practice with hand-eye coordination.

Kidloland app review and giveaway

The games are very intuitive and interactive. Allowing children to play independently.

I’m pretty picky about the apps I download for my daughter.  I always want them to be educational in some way. While I do limit my daughter’s screen time, I still worry about her quickly getting bored with a recently downloaded app.  That’s just one more reason we like Kidloland. There is so much to explore in this app. You can just go deeper and deeper into it opening up more games and activities. Also, new games are constantly being added to the app.

kidloland app review and giveaway

I’m all about educational games, and I assume most other parents are too. That’s why I asked the folks at Internet Design Zone to giveaway a subscription to Kidloland for you to try it out. They were kind enough to agree to my request. The giveaway for a free three month subscription is at the end of this post. (I was provided a free subscription to the app in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.)

We played with the app on my iPad, but it is available for download on other devices as well.

For more information on where to find the app, see the links below.


Google Play Store:

Amazon Appstore: 

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