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My three year old daughter and I have a bit of a pom pom addiction. Any trip to the craft store somehow always includes the purchase of more pom poms. They’re just so soft and colorful, we can’t resist them.  To justify our pom pom hoarding, I try to come up with crafts and learning activities to make use of them.

kid-made pom pom garland

Today I’m sharing our pom pom Christmas garlands that Pooky helped me make. They have added a festive touch to our homemade holiday decor.

The supplies we used included medium-sized pom poms, a child-friendly plastic sewing needle, and some twine.

kid-made pom pom garland

I’ve included an Amazon affiliate link to the plastic, blunt-tipped needle, so you can see which kind we used. You can see my disclosure statement here.

I demonstrated to Pooky what we were making, and then she took over.

kid-made pom pom garland

This first pom pom garland we made was only about 4 feet long. We are using it to decorate our miniature Christmas tree.

kid made pom pom garland

We made a second garland with slightly different materials. It is 9 feet long. I’m trying it out in different places around the house.

kid made pom pom garland

Here I’ve draped it on our picture book tree, which is one of the things on our Christmas bucket list.

kid made pom pom garland

I’ve also tried it on our mantle.

kid made pom pom garland

And now it’s adding some pizzazz to our 4 foot Christmas tree.

Tips for making pom pom garlands with kids:

  • thinner twine and bigger pom poms are easier to work with
  • insert the needle as close to the center of the pom pom as possible (you can’t go through the direct center)
  • when making the garland with young kids, it may take multiple short crafting sessions to complete

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