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DIY felt advent calendar

I really wanted to do an advent calendar with Pookie, but I didn’t see any that I liked.  I wanted something that would be interactive and allow for my tot to participate in some way other than just flipping the calendar number over.

I decided to make my own…how hard could it be, right? Ha!

So like any self-respecting mom, I got on Pinterest. I saw a lot of neat ideas (of course), but most of them involved tucking a piece of paper into a cleverly designed garland or “tree.” Then each day you could take out a paper and perform whatever activity was listed on it.  Neat, except that my tot is too young to really get the connection between a piece of paper and an activity. This was leading me closer to the idea of creating some kind of advent calendar that could somehow hold little gifts/activities.



I decided to make a felt Christmas tree with hanging pocket ornaments as the calendar. So I got some felt and got to work.I used parchment paper to create my pattern, pinned it on, folded it in half, and cut it out.




IMG_4140I was originally going to just cut circles for the pocket ornaments, but I stumbled upon some felt ornaments at Hobby Lobby, so I got those, which meant I now had three ornament shapes to create pockets with.



After cutting them out, I sewed the backs on using the blanket stitch method. (Cherry Menlove does a great tutorial on this.) I left an opening to stuff the trinket in, and numbered the pocket ornaments with glue and glitter.  The next step was to hot glue ribbon on.DIY felt pocket ornaments

Then I sewed buttons onto the felt tree and hung the ornaments. If you look closely, you can see the tissue-wrapped gift tucked into the “ornaments.”


For gifts, I tried to focus on things that would help my daughter practice her fine motor skills – things like poppers, stringing bells, stickers, etc…



Pooky seemed to really like it, which makes it worth the effort.

IMG_4166 It was a lot of work, but hopefully it’ll last us a few years. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out considering I’m not a crafter.  Perhaps my daughter will force me to become one yet.

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