Ganesh and the Little Mouse Book Review

As part of the Multicultural Children’s Book Day, I was asked to review the picture book Ganesh and the Little Mouse by Anjali Joshi. I have to say I was glad to be introduced to this little gem.


The point of MCCBD is to get more multicultural books into children’s hands across the country.

Our mission is to not only raise awareness for the kid’s books that celebrate diversity, but to get more of these books into classrooms and libraries.

America is a melting pot of cultures, yet most children’s bookshelves don’t reflect that. Here I present Ganesh and the Little Mouse which is loosely based on a popular Hindu tale.

In this story, Ganesh is close friends with Little Mouse. Some might think this is quite a strange friendship for one with the head of an elephant. In fact, Ganesh’s own brother, along with many others in the kingdom, tease Ganesh for his choice in friends.  Ganesh’s wise and caring parents teach him to pay no attention to others who just don’t understand his friendship. So the best friends continue to play together which usually involves Little Mouse giving Ganesh fun and fast rides on his back.

Then one day a race is announced in the kingdom! A race around the world to prove yourself to everyone in the kingdom! Ganesh sees this as his chance to prove himself and convinces Little Mouse to join him. Everyone laughs at the pair knowing that Little Mouse can’t possibly carry Ganesh around the whole world, especially not fast enough to beat the likes of gazelles and chariot horses. And alas, they are right. Poor Little Mouse collapses from exhaustion as the others race ahead.  It is then, that Ganesh sees his error and discovers what is most important to him in the whole world. His insight and wisdom astonishes the kingdom and will surprise young readers as well.

The illustrations are full of color and imagination. They draw you in and make you want to see more of this beautiful world portrayed by illustrator, Christy McCreery. 

Book Review of Ganesh and the Little Mouse

This sweet story touches on themes of true friendship, being yourself in the face of adversity, and the healing effect of a parents’ wise words. These are all topics that children can relate to and would make for great discussions at home and in the classroom. 

I encourage you to get a copy of Ganesh and the Little Mouse and add a little spice to your child’s bookshelf.

Please note: I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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Book Review of Ganesh and the Little Mouse

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