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shapesimage.jpgOver the last few months, I have been working a lot with Pooky on identifying, naming, matching, and sorting shapes.  She is quite good with the basic shapes now, so I thought I would share some of the fun ways you can explore these skills with toddlers. (This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.You can read my disclosure statement here.)

Create a shape themed sensory bin!

I started by focusing on just the circle and then also included the square soon after.  The way I officially kicked off our shape “unit” was with a circle sensory bin.

IMG_5384Honestly, part of me thought she wouldn’t be very interested in this, but it turns out Pooky was very curious about it, and she immediately dug right in! I created this circle bin with stuff I found around the house. It surprised me how much she explored the different textures I included.

Eventually she took out several of the circles and began sorting them by color.  This gave us the opportunity to talk a lot about the circles (big circles, small circles, different colors of circles, etc…).


After a few days of playing with the circle bin, I put together a sensory bin filled with squares, and we talked a lot about them too.


Go on a scavenger hunt for shapes!

circle hunt2.jpgWe hunted for just one type of shape at a time starting with circles.
circle hunt.jpg

Play with buttons!


Pooky loves buttons! (As does any other toddler I imagine.) So we have all kinds of different buttons.  I love these REALLY BIG BUTTONS because they’re durable, educational, bright and fun, and too big to be a choking hazard.

shape threading2.jpg

I set up a sorting activity by presenting Pooky with a bowl of circle and square buttons.  I also gave her one pipe cleaner with a square button tied onto it and one with a circle button on it.  Pooky then had to sort and thread all the buttons onto the corresponding pipe cleaner. This gave her a lot of practice with her fine motor skills, and it also allowed us a lot of opportunities to talk about the shapes and colors.

Play a matching game!


I downloaded this free printable pack from Gift of Curiousity. (If you haven’t signed up to receive her emails with the free printable packs, you’re missing out!) Then I cut out the pairs of shapes and put one of each in our pocket chart.  I gave the remaining shapes to Pooky and showed her how to match them up. By the time I played this matching game with her, I had already introduced all the basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, and star) to her.


Make art!

shape art.jpg

I set up a painting session with the shapes from Pooky’s shape sorter set and some tempura paint.  I just showed her once how to dip and stamp the shape, and she went to town with it!

shape art 2.jpg

Play a variation on hopscotch!


You can read all about our shape themed hopscotch fun here.

Play with blocks!


Pooky loves to build a “great big tower” with her foam blocks.  This gives us a convenient time to talk about the different shapes and their characteristics. She has been doing a great job of using the correct names of the shapes as she’s building.

Here are some of our favorite shapes toys and books!


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