Fun and Learning with Mini Pumpkins 35

I love buying the mini pumpkins because they’re just so cute.  But I sometimes feel like the purchase is a waste because they just sit there in a cute display for a little while until I have to throw them out.

activities with mini pumpkins


So I came up with some activities my daughter could do with the pumpkins so they would serve an added purpose.

Here are the pumpkin activities we’ve tried out so far.

First, wash them.

pumpkin wash2

Next, set them out to dry.


Count them (on a number line).


Sort them (by color, size, or any other noticeable attribute)

pumpkin sort

Put them in order. (We did biggest to smallest.)


Make patterns. (I made one, and Pooky copied it.)


Balance them (on cardboard rolls).


Play “pumpkin toss” (on a soft surface).


Paint them.


Make your own glitter pumpkins.

glitter pumpkin

And, of course, create a lovely display with them.


Did I miss anything? What do you do with those adorable mini pumpkins?

If you found this helpful, please pin the image below for others to see. Thank you!

activities with mini pumpkins

If you (or your kiddos) enjoy pumpkin theme activities, check out this pumpkin patch counting printable.

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