Encouraging Acts of Kindness

It seems like negativity is everywhere these days. When we experience or witness someone doing something kind, it’s like a breath of fresh air. You and your kiddos can be that breath of fresh air for someone by encouraging acts of kindness.


If we want our kids to be kind, we have to deliberately teach and model kindness. World Kindness Day (celebrated each year on November 13th) is a great time for families to have conversations about and participate in random acts of kindness. 

acts of kindness

In honor of World Kindness Day, I’ve called on some excellent bloggers to help me come up with ideas for how we can teach our young ones to practice kindness. Click the linked blog titles below each image to read their great ideas. 



acts of kindness
Amy from the Thoughtful Parent includes some of the science behind teaching our kids to be kind including some of the how and why behind helping kids develop empathy.  Though her post here is titled “Summer Acts of Kindness,” many of the ideas she lists can be put to use any time of year.


acts of kindness

I absolutely love these ideas from Emily at Sandbox Academy . She provides a printable of Kindess Cards that you can use to help the littlest of kids understand what kindness looks like. The activities are completely relatable to preschool age kids (and even older kids too), and most of them won’t cost you a cent. Bonus: You could use this as a Christmas advent activity.


acts of kindness

And if you want a full month of kindness ideas for kids, check out this calendar from Corinne at Wondermom Wannabe. She provides several different calendar options so you can customize them according to your needs.  She also provides monthly kindness calendars giving you an entire year of daily kindness activities!


acts of kindness

What could be better than stumbling upon a message of kindness? Nicole over at Coffee and Carpool teaches us the fastest and simplest way to make these adorable and encouraging rocks to leave for others to find. You might not be able to see the reward of your efforts with these, but you know they will bring a smile to the face of whoever finds them.


acts of kindness

Krystyn from Really are you Serious explains the #SparkGoodness campaign and how it has impacted her family. She shows us realistic ways her family has come up with for doing acts of kindness. I like how she says,

“The amazing thing about Sparks is that they continue around. One spark leads to another which leads to a full on fire of doing nice things for other people.   


give the gift of Christmas

Heather over at Glitter on a Dime demonstrates that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to “pay it forward.” She shows us how a trip to the dollar store with kids can lead to making a big difference in the life of a needy child a world away. Click the link to her blog to see how Operation Christmas Child works and get ideas for participating without breaking the bank.


acts of kindness

Heather from Books and Giggles shares a clever activity based on the wonderful picture book, If You Plant a Seed. Her idea for helping kids be intentional about showing kindness could be stretched from winter into spring with a wonderful final product.

As you can see, there are almost endless ways to show kindness, we just have to be intentional and look for the opportunities.  Hopefully we will all be motivated to participate in World Kindness Day and then continue throughout the year and even make it a life-long practice. And maybe our acts of kindness will encourage others to show kindness. We could all use more of that. 

Please share these ideas with other moms, dads, teachers, and caregivers by pinning the image below. Thank you.


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