Easy Monster Puppet Craft

Pooky and I have been reading a lot of Monster theme picture books recently. (See the link at the bottom of this page for a list of favorite monster picture books.) Of course I usually like to connect an activity to our books whenever inspiration strikes.  This time it did in the form of an Easy Monster Puppet Craft.

easy monster puppet craft

These “puppets” were made with materials we already had on hand; a cardboard tube, a large worn out sock, and a lone glove that no longer had its mate. We decided to stuff the puppets instead of leaving them hollow to put our hands in, but this is of course optional. These DIY monsters don’t need much explaining, so I’ll just tell you a little bit about each one.

Our tips for making monster puppets:

  • First we decided what features we wanted our monster to have such as eyes, teeth, hair, tail, etc…
  • Then we decided what kind of monsters we wanted (spooky, silly, crazy, etc…) Pooky insisted that all our monsters be nice. I love her gentle spirit.
  • Next we went thru the scrap box and craft bin to see what materials we could use.
  • We chose to speed things up by using hot glue as our adhesive. (This requires adult supervision.)
  • We preferred the look of stuffed puppets instead of hollow. (The glove is stuffed with cotton balls, and the sock is stuffed with a combination of plastic grocery bags and an empty water bottle.)

As you can see, we are all about process in this house, and not the final product.  This puppet craft gave Pooky and me some fun mom/kid time together, and for us that’s the important thing. I hope you’re inspired to grab some materials and make some monsters with the kiddos in your life.

If you found this helpful, please do me a favor and share it with others. The image below is Pinnable.

easy monster puppets

You can see the list of our favorite monster picture books on my other website, www.tiffinyspire.com.

favorite monster picture books

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