Easy DIY Holiday I-Spy Bottle – Guest Post 11

Today I’m excited to share with you a guest post from Echo who blogs at The Mad Mommy. She’s sharing with us a fun and sparkly way to entertain the kiddos during this holiday season. This looks so simple, I’m about to go make one for Pooky.

From Echo:

Holidays can be hectic and the kids are going to be bouncing off of the walls until you pull one of these bad boys out of your bag.


This I – Spy bottle is simple to put together and has the capability to capture a child’s attention! I’m not kidding, attention will be caught! (*disclaimer – Length of time for captured attention will vary from child to child)


  • A clear jar or bottle. (I like to use our vitamin bottles because the lid is already child-proof!)
  • Random holiday cheer: a bow, “candy canes”, a “Christmas tree”, Sparkly poms, a jingle bell and pictures of Santa and his buddies.
  • You’ll also need shaker stuff: shredded paper, glitter, you can also use dried rice or pasta.

That’s it.
The next step is so easy. Just put everything in the jar and then put the lid on!

Give it a shake and see what your kids can find!


Looking for Santa! Can you feel her determination?


Finding items

Found him! She was so proud.


The great thing about this activity is it can be completely adapted to any season or child. You can also make it a game by keeping a list of what’s in there. You can also make identical bottles and have races! I – Spy bingo is super fun too! So, it’s a great craft and activity for kids of all ages!

I remember I – Spy books, posters and bottles and always enjoyed them.

Do you enjoy I – Spy activities?


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Meet Echo: 

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I blog within the chaos that is motherhood. I cook, I homeschool, I make sarcastic remarks about parenting. I approach writing the same way I approach my life, with a LOT of humor and very little grace!
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