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Easter books for toddlers

There are a TON of Easter-themed books on the market! However, the vast majority of them are too lengthy and complex for my 2-year-old to enjoy. Even so, there are still a good number of Easter board books and picture books for younger children.  Pooky and I have narrowed that list of books down to our absolute favorites.  We’re pretty picky, so if either she or I weren’t really interested in the book, it didn’t make the list.

Here is our list of toddler-friendly, must-read, Easter books for your viewing pleasure!

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Duck and Goose: Here Comes the Easter Bunny! by Tad Hills is a shoe-in for a fun Easter read with young kids.  I have enjoyed every Duck and Goose book I’ve read, and Pooky likes them too.  In this book the lovable characters are looking for a place to hide so they can catch a glimpse of the Easter bunny as he puts out the eggs.

Why I like it: It’s so cute, I get a kick out of the characters and their facial expressions every time I read it.  But more than that, even though it’s just a board book, I see places where the author included opportunities for inferential thinking.  You can’t start too early practicing the skill of using clues in the pictures as well as personal knowledge to surmise what the characters are thinking.

Why Pooky likes it: since everything is flowers and Easter eggs at the moment, Pooky likes the numerous opportunities for pointing these out throughout the story.  They are brightly and beautifully illustrated!

Ollie’s Easter Eggs by Olivier Dunrea (part of the best-selling Gossie & Friends books) is the first of this set of books I came across.  It tells a cute story of Ollie seeing and wanting the colorful eggs his friends have dyed and hidden.

Why I like it: This simple, but adorable story is written with brief and repetitive text making it appropriate for a young audience. Sprinkled among the repetitive phrases are words relevant to this time of year (tulips, eggs, hide, hunt, dyes, etc).  It also gives readers a chance to explore new vocabulary (goslings, scurry, etc.).

Why Pooky likes it: It’s short and sweet.  The illustrations on each page are simple enough to allow her to focus on the salient information immediately.  She enjoys naming the colors of the four dyed eggs as well as counting them. She also likes to point out the extra little detail placed in each picture (butterfly, hat, boots, flower, etc.)

The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Leonard Weisgard was originally published in 1947. It is a classic tale about a lonely bunny who ends up befriending a lonely duckling. And they are lonely no more.

Why I like it: It’s a lovely tale of working hard to find a friend accompanied by exquisite pictures. It’s cleverly designed so the rich pictures don’t overwhelm the page; the text is still clearly displayed.

Why Pooky likes it: My daughter is in love with flowers at the moment, so I think she adores the pictures as much as I do.  There is so much beautiful floral detail on each page. She also enjoys following the antics of the bunny through the story.

The First Easter by Jesslyn DeBoer is a delightful retelling of the story of Easter from the perspective of a little lamb.

Why I like it: This book provides a simple way to introduce the real meaning of Easter. It is an accurate, if simplified, retelling of the events of Easter morning and focuses on the joyfulness of the occasion.

Why Pooky likes it: The little lamb is her favorite! She enjoys following him through the story.

There you have it; our short list of toddler-approved Easter board books and picture books.  What Easter books are your kiddos enjoying?

And don’t forget about Pat the bunny.  It’s our favorite book to use for entertainment while traveling with kids.

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