Counting with Felt Easter Eggs 2

counting with felt eggs

We’re continuing our work with counting, and today we’re using more fun stuff I found in the Target $1 bins! Felt and stickers! What’s not to love?

I guided my toddler through this activity, but this would make a great busy bag for kids who are more independent with early counting.

felt easter eggs

For this activity, I used felt eggs. If you don’t have felt eggs, just cut some egg shapes out of construction paper.

There were 8 felt eggs in the pack, so I numbered them 1-8 with the stickers.


Then I showed Pooky how to place the correct number of stickers on each egg to correspond with its number.


We counted together repeatedly as we went along.

felt Easter eggs 2

It was hard for Pooky to stay focused on this, so we only made it to number 6 the first time we played with them.

Here are some ways we “played” with these eggs when we later revisited them.

  • We stacked them like a deck of cards, she drew one from the pile and said the number aloud .
  • I would count some of the stickers on each egg and then pause and let her say what number came next.
  • We also practiced mixing the eggs up and then putting them back in numerical order.

Variations on this activity:

  • Instead of stickers, you could use other objects (buttons, mini erasers, pom-poms, etc…)
  • The child could mirror you (or an older child) by creating his/her own set following your example as you create yours. (You would need a duplicate set of supplies.)
  • They could be used to practice counting backward.
  • Both sides of the eggs could be used in order to count higher.
  • You could use two eggs at a time to create two-digit numbers. (For example for the number 13, one egg ¬†would need 10 stickers and the other would need 3.)
  • Reverse it by having the child put the correct number sticker on top after counting how many stickers/items were already placed on each individual egg.

It’s neat to see how excited kids get about simple activities like this that allow them a chance to practice their counting skills in novel ways.

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