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I love the hearts and flowers and everything else related to Valentine’s Day! So I created a couple of fun printables for my daughter to practice her counting. If you have toddlers or preschoolers practicing their early counting skills, feel free to download these heart printables. (You’ll find the links at the bottom of this post.)

hearts printable

I presented the activity to my daughter with some candy conversation hearts. (You can use non-edible counters instead.)

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The first thing I asked Pooky to do, was to count the numbers in order 1-10 while pointing to them. I was actually concerned this activity was going to be way too easy for her since she is always counting to ten these days. However, this was harder for her than I thought since the numbers were not in a straight row.  I had to help her find the next number in the sequence, so we went through it a few times before we incorporated the candy hearts.

heart printable3

Then the fun began…using the candy conversation hearts.  This gave Pooky great practice with the skill of one-to-one correspondence (something I recently noticed she still needs more work with).

hearts printable5

After placing a counter on the correct numbered heart, I would ask her to identify which number comes next.

hearts printable6

We continued the process until all ten balloon hearts were covered.

growing hearts

On another day, we played with the other heart themed counting printable.

growing hearts2

Just as with the first printable, we began by counting the numbers in order.  It was easier for her to do that with this set up (though she still required a bit of help since the numbers sort of zig zag between the two rows of “flowers”). I would actually recommend to others to start with this printable instead of the other.

growing hearts3

Next, she placed the counters on the hearts and identified which number came next.

growing hearts4


growing hearts5

Then, completely on her own, she decided to take each candy heart off as she counted 1-10 a final time.  She may have thought to do this, because that’s how we used our Pumpkin Patch printable back in the fall.

counting hearts 5

Pooky also practiced counting with buttons and stickers on the printables.

counting hearts6

Feel free to download and share these printables. (Just be sure to mention where you found them.)

Growing Hearts Printable                   Bunch of Hearts Printable

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