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Even though, I don’t usually write about food on this blog, these Candy Corn Turkey Treats are so cute I had to show them to you. I have to thank a fellow teacher (back from my teaching days) for showing me how to make them. I’ve been making them every fall since then for the kiddos in my life. They are super simple to make and are always the star of any Thanksgiving themed show.

candy corn turkey treats

 Make a big batch to share, or make just a few. See how below.


Rice Krispies



Oreos (preferably double stuff) – one per turkey

Candy corn -8 pieces per turkey

Candy eyes (optional)


    1. Use the first three ingredients to make a batch of Rice Krispie treats in the shape of balls that are slightly smaller in circumference than an Oreo cookie. Let cool completely.
    2. Carefully split apart the two halves of the Oreo cookie. Try to get some of the cream filling on each of the two cookies.
    3. Place the Rice Krispie ball on top of one of the cookie halves that will serve as the base of the turkey.
    4. Attach the other cookie half to the Rice Krispie ball to serve as the back of the turkey. (The cream filling serves as a glue.)
    5. Now begin gently inserting the candy corn pieces. Insert 5 pieces between the Rice Krispie ball and the cookie back to serve as turkey feathers. You may need to get extra cream from another cookie for added stability.
    6. Insert two candy corn pieces between the Rice Krispie ball and base cookie to serve as the turkey’s feet. Again, you may need to add extra cream filling.
    7. Use a small dot of cream filling to attach a piece of candy corn to the front of the “turkey” to serve as its beak. (Sometimes I trim this piece of candy corn to have a smaller “beak.”
    8. Optional step: Use a small amount of cream filling to attach candy eyes to finish off your turkey. We like these candy eyes from Wiltons. (Click the link to buy them from Amazon. Or you can probably find them at your local craft store.)

And now you have your very own Candy Corn Turkey Treat! Wasn’t that easy? Just repeat the process to make additional turkey treats.  Kids can join in the fun and help assemble the “turkeys” too.

You could make a batch of these for your kids to take and share with their classmates, or you could use them as party favors at your Thanksgiving dinner. Or just make them as a fun treat to enjoy during the holiday season.

Happy Turkey Day!


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