Before you get on that plane with your kid(s)… 8

…check this list!

I’ve learned a lot from my many travels with my tot over the last two years. As we continue to travel, I continue to learn tips for making things a bit easier on mama (and everyone else). I’d like to share them with you here.


Here’s what I recommend you do BEFORE you get on that plane.

  1. Rest up! I realize this is easier said than done sometimes, but it’s soooo important. A tired kid is a cranky kid, and a cranky kid will be much more difficult to entertain on the flight. (The only caveat to this is if you have a young baby who can sleep in your arms on the plane.)
  2. Get organized! Every mom knows that time is of the essence when trying to ward off a tantrum. If your diaper bag is organized, you can quickly grab what you need (with one hand and without looking)! I use a large tote with tons of zippable pockets as my purse/diaper bag.  It’s big enough to carry everything we’ll need (food, entertainment, diaper essentials, etc…) but just small enough to fit under the seat in front of me.  Before any trip, I completely empty the bag and think carefully about everything I put back into it, and where I put it (snacks within easy reach).
  3. Get a water bottle. This might seem like a silly thing to mention, but I actually think it’s very important.  Staying hydrated can ward off headaches -at least in my experience. Plus you can use it for extra water to refill the sippy cup. Sure you can get water on the plane, but water bottles don’t make a mess like an open cup in turbulence. And it’ll be ready whenever you need it…no waiting on the flight attendant.
  4. Download apps! Games and videos are by far the biggest distraction for my tot when traveling. Most of what I’ve downloaded to my tablet and phone have been free and educational.  The exception to this is the Peter Rabbit TV series I purchased.
  5. Practice the standing diaper change. Again, I feel a little silly mentioning this, but I just flew on a small plane yesterday (Alaska Air) that didn’t have a changing table (nor any space large enough to lay my daughter down).  I was hoping I wouldn’t need to change her on our short flight, but she had other ideas, so I stood her on top of the toilet lid to change her diaper.  Because we’ve done this a handful of times now, she didn’t have a problem with it and cooperated.

These are the things that have worked for me, and I hope they work for you too. You can view a more comprehensive list of ways to make your flying experience more enjoyable with your kid(s) here.

I’m always looking for traveling tips, so please share yours!

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8 thoughts on “Before you get on that plane with your kid(s)…

  • Kelly

    Hi – found you from the “We are that family” link up 🙂 Love your tips – My boys were a little older the first time we flew with them, keeping them from being bored and cranky so early in the morning was our biggest issue. Luckily, once we got on the plane, they were too amazed to worry about anything else!

    • Tiffiny Post author

      Thank you, Kelly. Yes, early morning flights can be tough…on all of us. lol I can definitely see the wonder of taking flight for the first time being enough amusement in itself!

  • Paige B.

    I flew a lot when my first was just a new born on up, now it’s more long car trips. I was nursing with my first so a good tip is that you can take (not sure on the oz. Limit now) 12oz. Prepumped milk in a bottle and they will allow it through security check point. Also, nursing while taking off helps the baby’s ears aclimate (can use a bottle also). Pack clean prepped bottles and buy those individual dose formula packets, get through security
    then buy a bottle or two of. warm water to make formula:)

  • Paige B.

    Dang phone! ……. collect the throwup bags, super handy for diapers, uneaten snacks, messy wipes etc. If you can’t leave your seat the stewards will pivk the bags up as long as they’re folded up nicely and you ring for help. Finally, if traveling with you kids alone don’t be affraid to ask for seat rearangemnts if you get stuck next to say….drinking young adults…or elderly etc. People who would have a hard time getting up and out if the way to let you out. I’ve experienced both and had to nurse at 2:00am on a full flight next to a very unhappy businessman (delayed flight). Just remember, no one loves to fly with kids and being nic and polite is always helpful, even if you’re freaking out inside;) I like to kill them with kindness and remind them that it takes a village…always;)

    • Tiffiny Post author

      Oh! I didn’t even think of the water bottle being useful for formula too! (never dealt with that) Nursing was definitely a life saver both for the pressure change and for getting her to fall asleep. All your other tips are great too. I forgot we used to use the sick bags for games too…she loved to put things in and take them out. Thanks for your comments!