Christmas Picture Books for Older Kids

It’s not just little kids who enjoy picture books. Older kids still like them, too even if they might not admit it. Some picture books are specifically designed with older kids in mind. And that’s what this list is. Picture books designed to appeal to older children. I own almost […]

Giant List of Fall Leaf Activities

Nothing says fall more than autumn leaves. Kids love them, and, let’s be honest, we love them too! You have probably already gone out on that leaf hunt and come back with an armful of leaves, (or maybe you ordered some synthetic leaves on Amazon) and you’re like…”now what?” I’ve […]

Sink or Float: Apple Science for kids of all Ages

It’s that time of year again; Apple Time! I don’t know about you, but I love all things fall! Except pumpkin spice latte – don’t hate me.  When I think fall, I think APPLES! ..and leaves and pumpkins. And I love doing activities and crafts to go along with all […]

Tips to make your Preschool day run smoothly

Are you starting preschool at home? Or have you been doing it for awhile, but now that the initial excitement has worn off, you find that something just isn’t working? After years of teaching lots of kids at once, and then teaching preschool at home for my daughter and some […]

How to do Yellowstone Right

Since moving to Montana almost a decade ago, our family has been to Yellowstone National Park many times. Each time we go, we learn how to make the trip a little bit better for the next visit. I’m sharing with you the things we’ve learned over the years, so when […]

Use these tips to Beat the Summer Slide in Math Skills

It’s so easy for kids to back slide in their math skills when they’re out of school in the summer months. Many students score lower on fall assessments than they had the spring before because of the summer slide. Just being intentional about having kids use their math skills can […]

Ways your Family can Visit other Cultures when you can’t Travel

It can be scary to venture into a new country and its culture. But after you do it enough times, you start to notice something. These people who speak a different language and eat unfamiliar foods are just like me. They’re families trying to enjoy life and raise their kids […]

Use these tips to Beat the Summer Slide – Reading Edition

Keep your kids’ minds sharp and avoid the summer slide. What is the summer slide? In a nutshell: “use it or lose it.” More specifically, it’s the dip in a child’s academic abilities that often occurs at the end of summer vacation. It mainly refers to reading skills and math […]