Ways your Family can Visit other Cultures when you can’t Travel

It can be scary to venture into a new country and its culture. But after you do it enough times, you start to notice something. These people who speak a different language and eat unfamiliar foods are just like me. They’re families trying to enjoy life and raise their kids […]

Use these tips to Beat the Summer Slide – Reading Edition

Keep your kids’ minds sharp and avoid the summer slide. What is the summer slide? In a nutshell: “use it or lose it.” More specifically, it’s the dip in a child’s academic abilities that often occurs at the end of summer vacation. It mainly refers to reading skills and math […]

Why Glamping might be right for You 2

Is this you? Caught in an idealized version of camping, only to arrive at your campsite where reality sets in,  and you have to deal with: lugging gear half a mile from the parking lot to the campsite or parking and sleeping right next to a bunch of perfect strangers […]

The Secret Recipe for making a Staycation Actually feel like a Vacation

What’s the secret recipe for making a staycation actually feel like a vacation?  First let’s look at the ingredients that make a vacation yummy.  Seeing/experiencing new things.  Being away from school and work. Not doing chores Not rushing around to extracurricular activities or other obligations Dining out Jumping on the […]

Teach Kids Listening Skills with this Directional Egg Hunt

Are you constantly repeating yourself when trying to get your kids to do something? I know you’re all nodding your heads. Kids are notoriously terrible listeners. But the truth is that even adults can be pretty bad at listening. That’s because it’s a skill that needs intentional practice. This Directional […]

image of mom helping son with schoolwork at home

Practical Tips for Teaching Kids at Home 6

Whether you are helping your kid on their homework, tutoring a struggling child, or suddenly find yourself homeschooling, there are some things you can do to make teaching your kids at home go more smoothly. First off, make sure everyone is fed. If you or your child(ren) are hangry due […]

a list of toys with staying power

Toys with Staying Power for Kids ages 3-10 12

Are you shopping for a kid between the age of 3-10? I’ll make your life easier. I’ve already done the hard work of talking with lots of moms about which toys have staying power. Meaning, which toys get played with every time they’re pulled out of the toy box even […]

traveling with gifts

How to Handle Gifts when Traveling over the Holidays 10

If you’re traveling over the holidays, then you probably are facing the conundrum of how to handle the gifts. Let’s look at your options. If you’re going to be away from home for the holidays, there are a few questions you have to answer. What is the plan for the […]